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How to reset Canon MP250 printer

This printer model gave many people headaches. Those who purchased did not know how to reset after refill.  Many people believe that Canon’s MP250 is not just a successful model but I say otherwise.  Resetting is fairly simple but you must follow exactly the steps described below. Success!

  • Do not refill the cartridge only when the printer software will give an error (warning) in the sense that one of the cartridges (one black and one color) ran out of ink.
  • When the printer gives  the “error” (warning)  press  10 seconds (continuous) printer red button (Cancel button inside a triangular).
  • You can then remove the cartridge for which gives you the “error” (warning) and refill it.
  • The printer software will show now that cartridge as empty and the lights are flashing but the printer will work without problems.
  • Repeat the “figure” whit the other cartridge but only when  the printer software warns as that cartridge is empty .
  • Keep in mind that this maneuver is done only once for each cartridge separately, then there is no need to use.

 After this maneuver printer should work again.  Pray that those who do not solve problems with this tutorial to explain how and why in a comment and I will try to help.

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